Welcome to our 2023 Season

Most news and information from MUFC appears on our social media.

Our vision is to nurture young talent and build a lifelong enjoyment of football in our community.
In order to do this, we ask you to help us provide a physical and social environment where players, their families and friends have the opportunity to enjoy football at every level.

As a community club we depend on the assistance of families. Our Committee is made up 100% of volunteer parents, some of which no longer have children at the club but continue to help as they are passionate about the Club and the local community.

As a member of the Club we ask that on game days please:

  • take responsibility for your rostered duties
  • volunteer extra assistance anywhere you can, including fundraising activities such as canteen and barbecues where necessary

And throughout the year please:

  • offer assistance to the Committee with specific tasks
  • undertake to coach or manage your child’s team if one is not already in place
  • comply with all policies and the philosophy of the Club which includes modelling positive behaviour as a spectator, coach and/or manager

If you have any concerns during the season please contact our Secretary Nicola DeJong 0420755182.