Spotlight on Merewether on the Green

Q&A with Lesley Afflick, Merewether on the Green

1.Why is this community football club important to you, and your business?

Merewether on the Green is also a community club and it’s a great opportunity to share facilities with MUFC and to encourage youth to participate in sport . I feel that playing sport is a great starting point for people learning to work together throughout their lives.

2. What does sponsoring the Club mean to you?

Assisting the club to offer high quality uniforms & equipment for the players to use, takes the pressure off families and allows equity across all team players. It also allows the families to celebrate events in a family orientated environment

3. Have you ever played?

No I haven’t played soccer but one of my sons played as a junior for a few years & a Directors son played with MUFC.

4. What do you love about Merewether?

I love the fact that many of the current residents are from families who have lived here for many years. Even if people move away for a time, they return as they know the suburb is like one big family. This reason is in addition to having great beaches and access to all that’s needed to survive in the suburb.

5. Tell me a little about the business and connection to the community. Any exciting plans for Merewether on the Green?

Merewether on the Green is a community-based bowling club that commenced in 1952. Bowling activities include those for a wide range of bowling abilities and participation, that includes:

  • Weekly bowling events – Gala’s and social bowling
  • Club championships – annual events
  • Pennants – games played against other District Clubs
  • Barefoot bowls – introduction to a fun sport
  • We also have a great restaurant and members library

Over the past year we have introduced some new offerings, whilst at the same time improving existing services like:

  • Trivia – Thursday 7pm – 9pm
  • Music @ Merewether on the Green – Sunday 4pm to 7pm
  • Increased our Function area offerings for celebrations and training
  • Improved media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Website, Newsletters to members

Now we are very excited to be linking with MUFC, to help the youth of today grow into champions of the future, regardless of what they may choose in life.